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The Church in America is compromised and complacent, failing to stand up for their beliefs and values in the face of societal pressure and criticism. A culture of cowardice with a co-opted gospel permeates the Church.

America itself also continues to face God-sized challenges. The dramatic and rapid increase in crime, social unrest, moral decay, sexual confusion, and persistent economic volatility all signal the urgent need to return to God.

Our national and ecclesiastical challenges highlight a crisis in strong Christian leadership. Many of our nation’s future leaders, educated professionals, and influential people are formed and shaped by Washington, D.C. However, the culture in Washington is often hostile or promoting of indifference towards the Christian worldview. The need to impact this unique population is paramount.

Over the last five years, it is remarkable to see the hand of the Lord at work through King's Church. Every Sunday, around 500 gather in downtown Washington to worship the God of the gospel. In our community, one can witness the kind of warm, Christ-centered fellowship that has become increasingly rare in a society marked by disconnection and lack of trust. While some may turn to the likes of CrossFit or work office culture in search of purpose and shared values, it is only through the gospel of Jesus Christ that we find the kind of genuine community that we all deeply crave. Indeed, the Lord has done amazing work in creating such a community at King's Church, reminding us that our ultimate fulfillment can only be found in him.

At this present time, King’s Church has no permanent home. Studies all show that churches with dedicated buildings benefit greatly by accelerating their ability to stabilize and establish deep roots in the city. This entails increased visibility and credibility, cost savings, better stewardship, growth potential, flexibility, and a ministry headquarters that matches their vision and mission.  

We need your support to make the vision of having our own church building a reality. We are asking you to partner with us by donating any gift of any amount towards our building project. Your contribution will enable us to have a permanent space to worship, serve, and amplify our impact. With your help, we can create a lasting legacy that will change lives and have a multiplying effect that spreads far into the future, shaping the course of our community, country, and even the world.

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