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The Church

In effective ministry, it is essential to balance faithfulness and fruitfulness. Faithfulness to the core values of the gospel must be the foundation of all ministry, while fruitfulness requires making an impact for Christ in the community and beyond. A church that is truly faithful to the gospel will naturally be fruitful as it reaches out to those who are lost or hurting in the community.

King's Church has a proven track record of faithfulness and fruitfulness in our community, with a focus on helping people grow in their faith as a community. By securing a building of its own, King's Church will be able to continue to grow and thrive, expand its reach and impact in the community, and provide a stable and secure environment for its members to gather and worship. Your support in the Church in the City Campaign will not only help King's Church achieve its goal of owning its own building, but you will be investing in a ministry that is making a tangible difference in people's lives and making a positive impact in the United States.

The church has made a significant impact in its community and beyond by staying true to the core values of the gospel. The success of King's Church is evident in several measurable metrics, including attendance, giving, engagement, and community impact. However, the church's success is primarily due to its unwavering faithfulness to Christ, responsiveness to the leading of the Holy Spirit in all aspects of its life and ministry, and focus on helping its members grow in their faith as a community.

King's Church is a place where true community around Christ is at the heart of everything we do. As a young church, we started with very little resources and a small team, but we worked diligently to get to know each and every person who we met and walked through our doors. Our understanding of what it means to be a pastor is rooted in caring for people, knowing them, and being known by them, rather than performing on a stage. And our understanding of what it means to be a church is to be a real community, united in Jesus and filled with boldness, forgiveness, redemption, and the Spirit's power.

When the pandemic hit, it was these simple biblical truths that became the catalyst for our church to take off – as we remained open. Our services are marked by a major warmth, community connection, and deep discipleship, making everyone feel welcome, whether they're new or have been part of our community for a while. Our context is largely made up of young individuals and families, many of whom are heavily educated and work in sectors such as government, politics, foreign affairs, education, and law. These future leaders shape the nation in thought and policy, and we believe that the gospel and our community of hope and grace is vital to facing the urgent needs in the Church at large and the nation as a whole.

Please consider making a donation today to support King's Church in securing a permanent home and continuing to impact lives for Christ in our community and beyond. Thank you for your generosity.

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Fidelity to the Scriptures

King's Church prioritizes biblical fidelity in its teachings, ensuring that all messages align with the core values of the gospel. The church provides members with a solid foundation for their faith and equips them to apply biblical principles to their daily lives.

Reaching Leaders

King's Church is committed to reaching and equipping leaders both within and outside of its community. The church offers leadership development programs and resources to help individuals grow in their faith and make a positive impact in their spheres of influence.

Sensitivity to the Spirit

King's Church recognizes the importance of the Holy Spirit in guiding its ministry and decisions. The church prioritizes seeking the Spirit's leading and direction in all areas of its life, resulting in a dynamic and responsive community of believers.

Building Bridges

King's Church values building bridges with those from different backgrounds and beliefs. The church is actively involved in community outreach and partnerships through our GOOD NEIGHBOR initiative, seeking to make a positive impact in the wider community through acts of service and love.

Intentional Community

King's Church places a strong emphasis on building intentional relationships within its community. Members are encouraged to connect with one another through small groups, service opportunities, and other events, fostering a deep sense of belonging and support.

Providing Hope

King's Church provides hope to those who are struggling or in need. The church offers a range of support services and programs, including counseling, financial assistance, and other forms of practical help. Through its ministry, King's Church is making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and families.

Challenging the culture of cowardice

There is lack of courage among Christians to speak out against cultural decay. King’s Church challenges this culture of cowardice by encouraging and providing a bold voice for the truth.


Global Outreach

King's Church is committed to reaching the nations with the gospel by sending out missionaries, training and equipping pastors, and planting churches overseas. We are underway in preparing to launch the Capital Church Planting Network, seeking to replicate what we have experienced and done in Washington.

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