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What is the cost?

Market research shows that in order to fully purchase our own permanent space in the downtown DC, we will need an estimated $8-12 million. We are setting our campaign goal at $10 million.

How will we pay for it?

Our goal is to raise the full amount needed through the capital campaign. We recognize this is a faith-filled massive undertaking and while it is our desire to keep our debt as low as possible, we are also considering various lending institutions as well.

Could it cost less than the goal?

While we have done our best to get an accurate  number based on the market, we do understand costs vary and will do everything we can to steward the resources well. Our prayer is that the campaign will not only be enough for the purchase of the building but also for anticipated renovations.


What is the Plan?

We have prayerfully set out a timeline with the intention of securing a permanent space within 2 years.

The Goals of the Plan

​1.Glorify God

2.Advance the mission of King’s Church

3.Build community and unity within King’s Church

4.Find a long-term physical home for King’s Church

The Timeline of the Plan

​Phase 1: Internal Readiness

Phase 2: Buying

Phase 3: Contract Negotiations

Phase 4: Closing

Phase 5: Post-Closing Planning

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